La Compañía Sharon Fridman te necesita para participar en su último trabajo “Caida libre*”

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Aquí os dejamos la convocatoria de la Compañía Sharon Fridman para participar en la versión especial de Caída libre*, que tendrá lugar durante el mes de Junio de 2014 en la isla holandesa Terschelling, dentro del Oerol Festival.

Caida Libre*, the last project of Compañía Sharon Fridman, needs you to free fall.
We want you to participate in the special version of our last work, Caída libre*, in an amazing island of Netherlands called Terschelling.

Oeral-Festival has given us the chance to present “Caída libre” nine times in the nature, in the open air, out of the habitual theatres, with the wind sharing our free fall, with the sunlight penetrating our skin.
We need you to form part of the human landscape of Caída libre, so we propose you the possibility of work with us, Compañía Sharon Fridman, during an intensive and enriching process.

You will have the opportunity to participate in a free workshop with the company (dancers, choreographer, dramaturgist) in which we share our knowledge about dance, contact, scenic presence, dance dramaturgy, body consciousness, and other aspects connect with the contents of Caida libre. This process is linked with each show, trying to grow up, to get more consciousness each time we present Caída libre.

This project explores an essential feature of our nature: survival. Contact is the key of our language, and we believe that the natural movement is the prime matter of the choreography.
In this work, each performer, each person, research the relation with the others, the incoherences and contradictions, the difficulties at the time to transmit the own necessity inside a group… definitely search the sense of freedom inside a knot.

We need to add twenty people more to our team of six dancers, the whole group will transform our piece giving more live, more sense…

The workshop will be from 9th to 22th of June, starting to show the 13th of June.

Here you can see our promo and more info about this project: Caída libre.

If you want to live this adventure with us, the company and festival can offer you some facilities: an accreditation wristband for live some shows of the festival, and one hot meal a day.

The own costs participant are:
– Camping place (around 11 euro per night, arranged by Oerol)
– Traveling costs to Harlingen and the boat coasts
– Bike rental (around 7,50 per bike)

For participate and further information (dates, benefits, accommodation, etc) please contact with:

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